Work of the termites

blogSometimes people get nasty surprises. Some may find their belongings wrecked, while others may experience theft or suffer sudden injury. But my latest unwelcome discovery was the work of a species of small termite.

I’d stored supplies for my world record attempt in cardboard boxes in a dry room which I give a basic clean regularly. Like most of us, I don’t spring clean every few days so understandably, a few things can go unnoticed and change over time. That’s how my storage boxes turned to soil in front of my very eyes, I now realise. When I picked one up to get at the box beneath, I was left holding torn flimsy cardboard as bottles and packets dropped to my feet in a shower of crumbled termite nest.

That was the start of a 5-hour cleaning job. As I scratched, swept and scrubbed, I thought of my world record attempt goal. And I reminded myself that giving up on this education-based project would be tantamount to not even having begun.

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