So, which type are you?

We all know what it’s like to have the rush of a fantastic idea, and then, almost as quickly, have that initial flame turn into a long uphill battle. That’s common if a person keeps pushing for their dream. If they choose to surrender at the first sign of rough times ahead though, life can be cruisy… very cruisy indeed.

Which type are you? I’m usually the former, but I’d better not speak with too much confidence just yet. Here in Indonesia, where few speak fluent English at business level, undertaking a large world record project would be considered challenging for an English-only speaker. But that hasn’t deterred me. With a staunch ally or two backed up right behind me, I’m heading directly into world record planning. Sure, I recognize there will indeed be strenuous times ahead if I’m to succeed at some wild antic in a foreign land, but I’m the former type, remember?

Circumnavigating Borneo recently during my 100th world record attempt gave me a reasonably good, albeit fleeting, view of society here. Sadly, the overarching thought I had was one of seeing a culture killing itself by destroying whatever nature people can find and convert into money. And when ecologically-aware local big business began speaking about world record-sized notions of change for the benefit of all, eyes turned to me. I felt the energizing sensation of expectation and knew this would be good to try.

That was in January. Since, my allies and I have been gearing up – way in the background – for what we hope will lay the foundations of another “Al Galpin styled” world record attempt. As for what lies ahead, well, that’s anyone’s guess.

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