Tying ties – it’s the Windsor business

Back in 2012, I spotted a world record I really coveted: that for tying a Windsor knot as fast as possible. The current world record holder could spin a length of the cut silk into an impressive tie in less than 20 seconds. Could I beat that, I wondered?

As always, I rounded up the witnesses I had on hand, and we set a date for the tie-tying. On the sofa, I laid out the dark blue tie as my witnesses watched. And soon, I was taking instructions of, “Three, two, one –go!” and I’d speed ahead at my best knot-tying effort time after time. After many attempts, I was satisfied and stopped the action.

For some odd reason, the judging process took a long while and, late in 2014, I got the results of my efforts. I’d been successful. I’m now proud to announce to the world that I’m the fastest Windsor knot-tying man alive.

From my experience, I suspect this world record is the type that could make it onto a TV show. So I‘ll be holding thumbs for myself when it comes to tie-tying.

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