Twit, twit, tweet!

Isn’t that what people go onto Twitter to do: tweet? Of course it is, and I’m a part of the non-stop global twittering. It’s tweet after tweet, planet-wide, without end.

My tweets are different to those of many others, I know. But then again, many people could say that in truth because no two individuals are exactly the same, which is well known. So, the Twitter mechanism gets filled with scores of posts from a vast mix of personalities. Some of it’s great for a laugh, some excellent for business and some is just downright odd.

The last category is where I fit in quite nicely, folks! Although I’m not one for spending time on Twitter myself, my posts do appear there and if you’re into twittering, feel free to browse them in your spare time. After all, communication makes the world go round, even if it is twitter-like in nature.

So, by that reckoning, the more tweets you read, the more knowledgeable you’ll be. And that can only be a good thing, can’t it? If you’re a Twitter addict, your answer will surely be “absolutely!”

Now off you trot back to your twit, twit, tweeting!

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