Tripping into the wilderness?

There’s a lady named Donna at Wilderness Medical Systems, and I’d be a fool not to take her goods with me on outings. Here’s all the detail.

Oftentimes, finding good products with excellent communication and timely email replies isn’t easy. In this age of “digital everything”, getting impressive personal service is rare. And that’s why I appreciate Donna. Every email I sent got a reply, and she’s smart too – she knows that word of mouth is powerful.

Donna went to all reasonable lengths to answer my questions informatively. And it’s paying off for her. Here I am, blogging about Wilderness Medical Systems with plenty of good to say. This is essentially like me waving a big flag around, trying to drive customers to Donna’s door. I’m pleased to be doing this.

Now, let me move on from the praise. I needed the best quality plasters I could locate and an excellent emergency dental kit, both of which Donna sourced fast. Now, as I venture deeper into south-east Asia – including to Papua New Guinea, hopefully – I’ll travel confidently, knowing I’m carrying quality goods. The last thing I want is for my emergency supplies to break, tear or disintegrate when I really, really need them, which most made-in-China products will do.

So, I’m sticking with Wilderness Medical Systems where I know I can get reliable, American-made goods to support my adventuring needs. If you’re hoping for a recommendation from me, I’d absolutely recommend this business for customer service and good products.

And, rest assured, Donna didn’t ask me to write anything; I offered because I was so impressed by my dealings with Wilderness Medical Systems.

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