The tough keep at it

It is said that when times get rough, the tough keep at it. Whether that’s true or not depends on one’s personality, I guess.

In my case, it is true. I tend to be more involved in world record activities in the second half of every year because the first half is spent chasing the stuff I need.

I’ve been preoccupied with various software issues lately. Changing video cameras is proving to be a substantial challenge; I have many questions which even the manufacturers are battling to answer. But I cannot invest in a new video camera if I am not 100% certain it will perform just as needed for world records. A similar scenario has presented itself now that I might also need a replacement still photo camera. Geepers!

I’m also transferring my data onto USB sticks. Finding the correct ones has been a mission, but thanks to a terrifically smart IT professional overseas, I’ve managed to locate exactly what I want. All our dealings have been executed via email – that just shows me the incredible power the internet wields over people. So now I have one USB replaced, but finding the second one is proving more difficult. I know what I need, and I know where to get it. But it’s a matter of availability, because some things are notoriously hard to access from New Zealand (where I am now).

This and much more is what I have to contend with at the moment. I have to keep at it day after day. So next time you wonder what a world record breaker does in their spare time, consider the above… I’ve got to pursue these things and be tough about it. It’s certainly not a case of breaking world record after world record, non-stop. No way!

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