As we all do, I am seeking something. Some search for love, others fame. Some seek business success, others sporting achievements. And yet others seek good relations or adrenaline rushes. As for me, all I’m seeking is world record-breaking opportunities.


From time to time, I’m contacted by TV production crews, school show managers, project managers and the like. Some of these initial contacts made eventuate into real opportunities, but many fall by the wayside for a variety of reasons.


My task is to minimize the failed contacts and maximize opportunities through applying effort. I recommend you apply the same strategy for whatever you want to achieve: push, drive and pursue. But it’s not a case of just pushing, no. You’ve got to chase your desires with gusto and with an end result in mind. This is the same thing I have to do when chasing world record-related opportunities.


I refer to myself as the seeker, and you should refer to yourself in this way too. This way, you remain aware that you ought to be a seeker of opportunity always. Because the day you cease seeking opportunities is the day you lose your will power. Keep your mind alive. Keep seeking out the things you want and need in this world. I do. It’s the only way to be.

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