The robotics of business

Having run for a decade, I’ve experienced what most business owners do: ups and downs in no predictable order.

Some months produce enquiries about my public speaking, the photos available for licensing, and more. Other times it’s not so busy. And through it all, I’ve got to try and maintain flow. Even though it may seem obvious, I’ve outlined how I do it, and I hope the tips below help you even out your own workloads if they fluctuate too.

When it’s booming, the typical business owner focuses on the new business. That makes sense, and routine tasks such as administration are done when the team has spare time. This is what most companies like: being very busy. But it can lead to immense stress if one’s admin is not kept up-to-date. It makes sense, then, to keep up with the stream of legal and admin tasks one is forced to deal with on a constant basis.

When things are quiet, the most obvious reaction is to seek business with gusto. But watch out! Temper the enthusiasm you invest in seeking new business because if you take on too much – promising excellent results measured by what you can achieve when it’s quiet, you may fall. If you attract too much new business at a time and you don’t have the staff or time to handle each with personal care, you may find yourself dividing your attention to cope. This is when quality drops, things get forgotten and – in worst case scenarios – you lose a client or two who will no doubt speak to others.

So when you’ve got spare time and are wondering which methods to use in your search for new clients, try as best you can to stagger new contracts, and don’t over-promise. These things, when done in tandem with keeping your admin as up-to-date as you can – no matter what challenges you’re facing in business, will lead to a manageable workload for you much of the time.

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