The more questions, the better!

Promoting a website is a big issue for many, of course. But thinking about it’s just the start of one’s worry because options are so numerous it can be severely stressful choosing. Take a moment to search online for website promotion ideas and you’ll instantly lose interest in trying to read them all.

I want to promote my own website, but disinterest takes over when I think of all the hassles and disappointing services I might need to pay for. So – as you can imagine – this subject isn’t at the top of my priority list.

But now I’m prioritizing it to the extent that I can. I’ve dreamed up an idea: it’s straightforward, there’s no third party dictating to me as a service user, and I think it’s fail-safe. Let’s see. Hence I’ve been searching for a suitable “promoter”.

But while most Indonesians speak at least 3 languages, English frequently isn’t among them. I’m finding it a challenge just communicating with potential helpers. I’m asking around whenever the chance arises, and I’m answering screeds of questions from interested individuals. It’s question time, apparently. It’s tiring.

Didn’t I say I thought I’d found a simple method of promoting my website? Yes, but perhaps I shouldn’t be too confident of that just yet. Maybe I ought to remind myself of the sensible saying, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. Correct – and what I deduce from that is I have to push and push until I get this sorted.

How I love working on website promotions!

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