The best part of my time on the Italian world records show

Let me tell you what the best part of appearing on the Italian world records TV show was. But first you can guess!


Of course I interacted with dozens of other record breakers, and I just loved the immensely beautiful TV studio. But those weren’t it. The best part was an emotion I felt; an emotion brought about by succeeding at world records in the presence of others who are at the top of their game.


I loved knowing that others were breaking world record titles right there, on the same days, just before or just after my appearances. There’s something really soothing to the soul to think one is in the midst of others who achieve great things in their own ways… be it gymnastics, weight-lifting or specialist driving.


The moments I saw other record breakers watching me on set, and the moments I remember clapping for others’ successes are those I will cherish for a long time yet. Simply said: it was a good space to be in. I loved it, and still do.


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