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100th world record attempt – Overtiredness

The next leg of my 100th world record attempt as I journey around Borneo whilst remaining virtuous and chaste is certainly taking its toll on my body. I am now suffering with several tiredness and fatigue symptoms, as I struggle…
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Oil palms and money

The well-spoken man, Rohidan, walked toward me, where he could see my hitchhiking sign reading “Pontiankak” and told me, in perfect English, to get into his car. Feeling comfortable with him, I did. Someone had tipped him of that a…
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From floating market to the intersection

After an incredible stay at Swiss-BelHotel Banjarmasin with my spritely host Arief Faisal, I headed west, hoping to reach Pontianak in 2 days. Alas, road networks here don’t allow that. So I had to made my way north to a…
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