Up to the start and no more

By the time most of us reach middle age, we know that fewer plans succeed than originate. It’s no different with my world record-breaking activities.

Last year, in the far west of mainland Australia, I got keen interest from a group wanting to sponsor a substantial world record attempt of mine. Of course I was excited and my mind flooded with sprouting event management plans, connecting a myriad of dots I knew I’d need to work my way through. It’s how my brain’s been programmed to operate after all these years in the game!

Then, due to unforeseen circumstances, a quick succession of events left all plans stagnant. This might sound as if the initial planning wasn’t undertaken properly, and while I do try to the best of my abilities within the constraints I need to work within, sometimes external circumstances can, and sometimes do, affect my world record attempts gravely. In this case, a senior management issue arose – well outside my sphere of influence – and ended the building momentum.

Thankfully, I live in enough of a flexible manner that should such a situation arise and then dissipate in quick succession, I’m able to pack my life into my backpack and continue along my global roaming journey. And that’s precisely what I’ve since done. Sure, I feel somewhat deflated by the incident, but I also know that when a person tries to initiate and then carry forward a rather lofty-headed event plan, it can stall.

As far as I’m concerned, life would be best if I succeeded at every world record attempt plan I ever investigated. However, in the real world, that’ll probably never happen. Hence, I take a rather philosophical view of these matters; the events which I begin and then have to watch stall due to some seemingly distant impact which then accelerates in motion and crashes into my plans, collapsing them, mean I am free to explore new challenges elsewhere. In this way, I can remain positive, and right now, I’m preparing for some newspaper interviews in which I’ll be able to promote myself to a widespread audience.

So next time your new plans get off to a great start and then end abruptly due to something you never anticipated striking, remember this: for every door which slams in your life another will slide open. And it is up to you to dash through as many open doors as you can, at the right time, in the right way. It’s not easy, I know, but it is indeed possible.

That is where strength of mind comes into play. Put your own mental tenacity to work and keep striding ahead, no matter what challenges appear in the midst of your life plans.

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  1. Emil J.

    I read your blogs Alistair. Well done. Never give up because those who are different define leaders in today’s society which needs to change or we’ll soon see great natural environmental problems arising.


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