Rihanna the singer and me

Companies which sponsor celebrities, Hollywood stars and contentious names often don’t want contact. It’s obvious why. But now and then such often-elusive business managers come out and seek what they want from the wider world.

Right now, my team and I are in discussions with one of the singer Rihanna’s sponsors regarding possible projects. It’s a wonderful feeling to be approached by companies which rub shoulders with the rich and famous, especially when they’ve got an interest in working with a person. That’s my position as it stands, which, of course, could change.

However, I’m positive. The type of enquiry I’ve received here fits squarely within my field of expertise: managing projects outside the regular, the primary aim of which is to generate maximum mass media attention for a specific aim. I’m totally interested. At this stage, I won’t be able to elaborate, although I can say there are a wide variety of options on the table. Time will tell, and I’d be mighty pleased to run a project with this sort of company.

Whether or not Rihanna and I will cross paths is yet unknown. It would all come down to project management basics, logistics and the media offering. I hope that happens, but such projects take a great deal of skillful crafting and a lot can alter in between the idea conception phase and the roll-out action phase. As for me, I’m poised and waiting to see what eventuates.

Ultimately, as far as I am concerned, the more media attention, the better. With that attitude, I sincerely hope a wonderful project will unfold in the near future. It’s the sort of stuff that keeps me motivated, particularly if a charitable effort is involved.

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