Remember the good

Sometimes things just aren’t made to the same standards they were before. And that’s when you’ve got to walk on by, seeking better quality. This goes for activities related to world records and to my pair of KEEN sandals I got recently.

They broke within 2 months, and the replacement pair broke within 2 weeks! Then the agent – AGI – threatened me if I didn’t stop moaning. You’ve got to wonder about some people, haven’t you…

I’ll never buy those sandals again because their quality was inferior to good shoes I’ve previously had. It makes me recall better sandals I’ve used when walking around, breaking world record after world record. I’ve climbed, drawn out maps with my toes, and run from one activity to the next during big world record events. And when I can rely on excellent footwear, I have that much more peace of mind when the pressure is on. That includes having to look good for media.

Right now, I’m on the hunt for top quality sandals that’ll go with me wherever, whenever for what whatever reasons I choose, supporting my feet as I go from one world record to the next. When you see me out and about again, check the sandals I’m wearing – they’ll be a crucial part of my running about!

Here’s to more world record attempts and the ability to walk around with confidence while doing them.

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