Real trousers and a real shirt

I want to be a well-prepared backpacker, and I spend a fair bit of time researching good products. In today’s careless “buy it and throw it away next” society, it is often tough finding really good quality that actually lasts as the label professes it will. I searched for months before deciding that Clothing Arts had just the right stuff.

And when I got my new dull-coloured clothes, I forgot the cash investment because I was so pleased! Now I believe in such clothing – you might not know it, but this material has built-in sunscreen and the pockets are strong enough to withstand a general knife swipe. If you see me on TV or in a newspaper next, or perhaps in person, take a look at what I’m wearing… it might be the world’s toughest backpacker clothing from Clothing Arts.

Isn’t that great?

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