Portugal, come with all your gusto!

I’ve just had an enquiry from an acupuncturist in Portugal. Of course it makes me think world records, but it does a lot else too. I wonder how this person found me, what made them enquire, and what might lie ahead.


From reading my other blog posts on internet exposure, you’ll know that internet success (according to me) is about being seen online like a firefly shining in the night. Get out onto websites, into magazines online, be seen in reviews and generally expose yourself as much as you can if you want contact from others. From time to time, I do these things, so what’s gnawing at my inquisitiveness is just how did this person find me? In whatever way they did, it’s good. What matters is that they located me via the internet. I can only assume this person saw some of my flaunting online and decided to respond.


Working out for myself why they enquired is pretty straightforward – the email I got outlined precisely what this person’s aim was. And, having come via my world records website, it’s fair to say I suspected the enquiry to be a question about world records in some form or other. I was, not surprisingly, right. This acupuncturist has seen potential to use a world record attempt to promote their business in Portugal. I think that’s a smart idea, because I have the same idea most of the time, about most businesses! As you can imagine, I was delighted to reply with all the help and guidance I can give by email.


Of most interest to me, however, is where this enquiry might lead. Plenty of enquiries are a good thing, but to remain viable, I need to turn a minimum number of enquiries into actual jobs. Various things I offered the Portuguese acupuncturist included brief email advice, Skype lessons in project management, and actual on-site participation.

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