My latest reading…

To produce educational lessons for my latest world record attempt (which you can read about here), I’m spending long periods reading. I’ve got to check that what I think is right is actually correct. I have to be sure I’ve not doubled up on some statements I use, and I’m constantly ensuring I’ve got an accurate record of all I’ve done to date.

It takes a lot of my time. But if I’m to create meaningful educational content, this is a must. So my head’s swirling with facts non-stop, ranging from how fast bracken fronds open to the development of fracking. I’m wondering how to structure lessons on infanticide among swallows, oceanic chemical weapons dumps and karst landscapes. Plus I’m thinking of how to explain pyrethroids and make a paper mache model of the Ob River mouth – if I can.

If I want to do a good job and if I want to succeed at this world record attempt, this sort of investment of effort can’t be avoided. I know that. So although it’s exhausting at times, and I make mistakes as I go, I’ll keep at it. Not sure about you, but I believe this is worth it.

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