Marching to an Indonesian drumbeat

The project was sponsored a 512GB micro SD card which I need badly. Until I get one, I have to split my data backups between several smaller SD cards and that requires constant data juggling. The donated card arrived in Indonesia from Australia with a famous German courier company. Then mysteriously, all tracking on the package ceased, and nobody in the company’s Indonesian office was able to locate it. It’s been nearly a year and we’re still trying to find that high-value necessity.

I ordered pure clove oil to add to my paper mache as a natural preservative. I’m using the mache to show children what can be done with waste paper. The oil arrived locally in 48 hours – fantastic. But the courier who delivered it didn’t know how to ring a doorbell (he had to pull a cord, which was marked). Eleven days later, we were still wrestling with the courier by phone. He kept claiming the house was unoccupied each time he arrived, but admitted he had no idea how to use a doorbell. In the meantime, my partially mixed batch of paper mache went rotten and had to be discarded.

Yet, despite such situations, I’m still progressing on my current world record attempt. Support and encouragement from hundreds of people keeps my spirits up. For that, I’m deeply grateful. So hopefully (and I mean that sincerely) I’ll be able to find ways of marching to my own punctual, results-based drumbeat somehow despite the position my present activities have landed me in.

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