Journalists who suck their thumbs

Journalists or “journos” as they’re fondly referred to, like to live 25 hours a day, every day. They routinely speed up to events, capture the essence in a furious hurry and dash off to write their version of the happenings woven into a saleable story format with a special appeal. Then they do it again. And again, all as fast as humanly possible. It just never ends for a journo, so no wonder most I’ve met are emotionally frazzled and stressed to the max.

Well, journos, it doesn’t all have to be that way. Relax for a short while. Here’s a guy you might be interested in – me. I’ve been breaking world records for 10 years now, appeared on several continents doing my antics, and I roam the planet seeking opportunity.

If you’re that stressed that you’re biting your nails – or worse, sucking your thumb – for inspiration, give my website a look-over. Among the photo bank and dozens of world record stories, I hope you’d find the basis for an article you can conjure up. But before you decide that world records are not for you, consider a few things.

My work has been covered by the 3 largest TV channels in the United States, drawn the interest of a Canadian university research facility, generated above average TV ratings in New Zealand, led to community get-togethers in the UK and Australia, been loosely associated with the Hugs For Haiti movement which 2 American presidents had words for, and even got the Nepalese leader personally celebrating.

So, need inspiration for an off-beat story? Then head to and let your imagination run loose.

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