Japanese TV filming

Good things seem to happen when one least expects them to. In this case, I had made several attempts to leave New Zealand by boat – which all failed, and finally got away by aircraft. Two days later, I was asked to make an appearance for a Japanese TV film crew, who are producing a show on interesting people. It was wonderful to have been asked. However, I am now on the wrong side of the Tasman Sea for the film crew!

Nevertheless, I have deduced a number of things from this enquiry: my online presence is having an impact, people are speaking about my work, and those in the film and TV industry are hearing about me. It’s a lovely thought, and one I have worked hard to bring about over the past decade. It’s at times like this I know my endless hours of blogging and writing for my website are paying off.

May I use this message as one of encouragement for you too. If you’re ceaselessly writing and promoting your own business, take heart: you could receive a good enquiry all of a sudden. I know it can be tough when you’ve got to push and push, seemingly without end or a reward. But look what’s just happened to me… it could happen to you as well. Don’t give up constantly promoting your own services, because great opportunities will come to you – surely – at some point. And when they do, you want others to be able to find you easily.

In summary, keep working hard to give yourself an online presence, be open to new opportunities and never let a weak-minded moment get you down. May the force be with you, and me, and here’s to a bright future.

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