In love with my towel

I got a tiny piece of feather-light cloth from north America recently. It’s a towel, but if you saw this 38 gram square of fabric, I’d not blame you for thinking I was joking. It’s really good value, considering all it can do.


When I decided to de-clutter recently, I wanted a new, much smaller towel. But do you think I could find such an item in a local shop? Never. Thank goodness the manufacturer of these towels has a website, where my questions were answered before I had time to ask them. I looked no further, and got one. And boy, was I pleased.


I love this thing. It’s the size of a table napkin, it soaks up water from my skin efficiently, it smells fresh, it dries in minutes, and it’s so light I don’t know it’s in my pocket. On top of all that, it acts as a cooling surface for those brutally hot days. You call that a regular towel? I call it more like a miracle invention from Discovery Trekking.


When I started writing this blog after a quick cold shower, I hung my lovely towel out to dry in the intolerable 40 degrees Celsius afternoon sun. By now, I’d expect it to be pretty much there and ready for me to slip back into my pants pocket. Truly, I reckon this is a great item worth carrying if you want to down-size the junk in your life and live simply.


My advice? Get rid of those bulky towels which bloat your kit bag. Get a tiny,

lightweight towel like mine. It’s pretty obvious that I love mine because, for me, it works.


Great stuff! I don’t think I’ll want a regular towel henceforth, thanks. I’ve found my new fabric friend… Thanks Discovery Trekking.

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