Global Travel Products

Every now and then, one comes across a good business you just feel like talking about. That’s happened to me again.

I’m the type to invest a great deal of time in researching the perfect items needed for my wanderings and world record attempts. One’s got to: there are so many disreputable companies out there, undertaking due diligence is wise these days. But it takes extraordinary lengths of time finding things as good as the companies selling them.

And so, knowing that I am about to encounter a situation in which I’ll be needing a traveller’s sink plug, I went directly to Global Travel Products, where I’ve bought before. Within hours, my order was processed and on the way from one side of Australia to the other. That’s usual at Global Travel Products; they ship anywhere in Australia the same day one orders, and I like that.

As with my world record attempts, if people enjoy what they experience they’ll return for more. And so has been my experience with these guys; why search the internet when I know where good service and useful products are to be found?

Now that’s the sort of thing I’d like people to think when they search “”!

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