Getting them to see your light

In anyone’s industry, getting others to see your point of view – your performance abilities – can be tough. Consultants of any sort, in my opinion, face a constant uphill battle when it comes to getting new clients on-side.

Of course there are times when a client knows exactly what they want, and they’ve homed in on a particular company with only that objective in mind. Such clients are highly desirable. Unfortunately, though, that’s not the norm. In most cases, people approach new business deals with a level of reservation. The trick for the party which stands to benefit financially is in selling the benefits to the potential spender.

In my own field of expertise, undertaking creative project management, I face this challenge on a constant basis. There are relatively few people out there who genuinely feel they understand my game, and of those who do, only a fraction are ready to participate / sponsor me at any one time.

My ongoing challenge is in trying to get all these people, and as many others as I can, to “see my light”. Having a website is a great help, and so is the power of word-of-mouth. But even together, these 2 methods of creating awareness aren’t sufficient to produce the levels of work desired.

I know what needs doing, and my guess is that it’s just the same task as any other business is faced with: getting others to understand the benefits of what I do, and then turning that newfound understanding into formal action.

Good luck to all entrepreneurs out there – we need the world to see us!

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