Forgotten 7 billion times

If you feel the entire world – the global population – has forgotten about the good work you do, take heart. There are many charities, community organisations and “labour or love” groups who feel the same. It’s a tragic situation because the world could learn so much from these sorts.

Good souls clear snares from the African bush, they teach children basic home hygiene and they plant wind breaks in eroded landscapes. They bring simple meals to the lonesome elderly, photograph acts of community heroism and lobby for governmental change. But they also hurt deeply, because the money-hungry global population has all but forgotten their excellent endeavours to bring about lovely change.

These wonderful people and their work need support. Truly. It can be terrifically demanding working like a slave to better the world while people, cities, nations look the other way. I know; I’ve seen this in action.

Stuck in the remote corners of the planet, these often never-thanked workers drudge on because they believe what they do will bring lasting benefit to all humans. I want to help them. That requires a series of events to enable me to do so.

Firstly, I need people like you to bring such far-flung workers to my attention. Next, someone who can afford it needs to put up the funds for an agreed publicity project. Then I need to undertake a world record attempt and draw as much media as I possibly can. Doing this is like walking a tight rope: a lot must fall into place and if it all goes well, success soon comes within reach.

By “success” I mean publicity for the cause I’m promoting. I long to draw media to forgotten causes operating constantly in places long cast out of the minds of most. So if you can play an instrumental role in connecting this chain of events for some good cause you know of, I want you to let me know.

The hard workers who dedicate their time to good work as I describe above deserve more than to be forgotten by most of the 7 billion people alive today. Let’s bring these committed folks back into focus by drawing media to their efforts.

You can help with that. I’ll be waiting.

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