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You know, there is one powerful component to my world records storytelling. Here it is.


While retaining a professional command of each performance, I am able to help instil some life principles in young children during their 45 minutes with me. What do I mean?


Let’s take recycling, for instance. Doing so is actually undermining the global consumerism trend to a small degree (which is great! – see how I refer to recycling in this story). In layman’s terms: if you recycle, you’re helping to clean up litter in your streets, down your country roads, and beyond. This is so important these days. So when I ask the audience of kiddies “who likes recycling?” I have the ideal chance to explain in a sentence or two why they need to be aware of waste.


The children listen. Then I call some volunteers up to show the entire school how fast they can recycle as their peers cheer them on loudly… just think of the lessons these kids are learning in a fun way.


That’s one example. My storytelling is pitted with such points because I know that for any chance of surviving this century, mankind needs to change big-time. Educating children in sustainability trends is vital because they’ll be controlling this planet before you know it.


Join me and speak out about sustainability in responsible, mature and ethical ways. If you teach, consider bringing me in for a show. You can add your own content to my show to tailor my delivery according to what you’re teaching students at the time. That way, you get extra value for no additional fee.


Come on folks – jump on the sustainability train. It’s the safest way forward for this generation. And you know it.

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