The first sore

I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for the first sore to develop on my body where the device comes into contact with the skin. In addition to the usual chafing and stinging from sweat, I’ve got an erupted area of skin causing me some pain. But that’s a reason to keep myself as clean as I can, and also dry when I can.

Thank goodness I’ve got access to the first hairdryer I’ve seen all along this trip, and I’m using it. In fact, the CB-X Male Chastity device itself is fine to wear, but perhaps it’s my mind telling me the thing should come off my body now. There have been times – up to half a day, when I’ve not thought about the device since it’s been comfortable on me. But when the pendulum-like swaying of the weight or the fishing line starts to hurt, boy oh boy, do I know all about it.

I wonder if I’m passing any other men in the streets, on buses, in shopping malls, on farm tracks or in rural villages who are wearing a chastity device. I doubt it, but there’s always that chance, isn’t there? They’re discrete, these little things, so one would be hard-pressed to notice who’s got one on. That’s good news for me I guess, since sometimes I really don’t want the device’s presence to be known – such as when a gaggle of police are checking me out with a suspicious eye.

Why not find out for yourself what new adventures and excitement you can experience when entrapped in your own CB-X Male Chastity device.

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