Educate. Race and chase.

I don’t only race when I can, I’m committed to chasing my desires. Right now, that focus is on environmental education. I’m using my world record-related abilities to show kids (and adults) what’s in nature all around.

This crowdfunding link hosts the campaign which we’re using to rally support. If it inspires you to take on something similar in your part of the world, that’s great!

There’s just one aspect to this big world record attempt I’m protective of, and that’s the coveted title. What I’m striving to attain is the world record for the “Largest collection of hand-made educational items”.

The effort and time this requires is definitely worth it. Can you imagine a world where all people think of how their actions will impact nature before they act? It’d be a marvellous place.

And that kind of society can only begin to develop on foundations of solid education.

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