Done: I’ve been telling stories

Hi there readers. This time, I have something slightly different to say – recently, I made my usual motivational storytelling appearance to 340 school children.


When asked, I deliver a performance which uses world record achievements as examples of how young ones out there can develop their innovation, confidence and determination in life. These are good messages, and I bet you agree. That’s why I talk about this stuff in schools.


I’m always entertained by how many students are eager to be my helper when I ask for ONE assistant! They really do love world records. My last appearance was great, and it brings pleasure to me when I’m able to use my world record activities to deliver meaningful messages – including innovation, confidence and perseverance.


I watch as the children lap these important messages up attentively. And I hope the students remember that they too can be the best at something they choose to pursue in life. Go, go, go world records!


To find out more, go to my storytelling webpage. See you soon.

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