Chomsky’s name and my name: get hit HARD

Many of you know me as a crackpot who throws, swings and kisses just about anything in the name of world record attempts. Sure, call me what you will. It’s called free speech, remember. But there’s a more important aspect to life. I call it free mindedness. It’s all about being able to say, and do, what you believe you’re entitled to think or ponder upon.


And I’m the pondering type. Here’s my latest brain-frying creative work. It’s not so much a world record-centred piece as it is a red alert about the precarious position of mankind on this planet. Most of you will dismiss my views, and that’s awesome (those who deny our species’ dance with extinction give scientists the very reason to profess such things).


But a few of you will take this to heart. You’re of worth, because it is people such as you who can and must force the non-ecologically minded among us to convert to “green” ways. Read this link and wonder about it. Most of all, wonder about whether the renowned Professor Noam Chomsky of the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology would associate with this view unless he saw my scenario as being possible. He does. And that, friends, is of immense importance.


So, get off your cushions. Devise a plan to take up your part in the global revolution needed to veer our societies away from the calamity which awaits us down the road we love speeding down.


The new way, based on rational behaviour and educated decision-making needs the wise, the tenacious and those in touch with this planet. Get on board. Start by reading this piece and looking for Professor Noam Chomsky’s name as you do.



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