Record-breaking on the road

Giving thanks again

Along my 100th world record journey, I met hundreds of pleasant people. The residents of Borneo – and especially Kalimantan – are mostly great. This excludes the few who schemed to rob, deceive and take advantage of me. Almost all…
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And… here it is:

Now that I’ve completed my biggest world record attempt hitchhiking journey, which was dubbed Chaste in Borneo, I’ve got to process all the required evidence. Once that’s done, we’ve decided to do something unique. We’re going to offer the public…
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Bolt-cutters in my pants

Having taken the final waypoint measurement for my evidence-collection process, I trotted up the steps of a hotel arrivals area in east Banjarmasin to where I had pre-arranged independent witnesses waiting for me. I’m sure you don’t want to know…
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