Chasing my desires

World record breakers – like anyone else – need to try really hard to attain the success they dream of. Here, I write of my own struggles and desires in this regard.

From floating market to the intersection

After an incredible stay at Swiss-BelHotel Banjarmasin with my spritely host Arief Faisal, I headed west, hoping to reach Pontianak in 2 days. Alas, road networks here don’t allow that. So I had to made my way north to a…
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100th world record – stand by, planet earth!

It’s been a long and tedious ten-year journey, this world record-breaking. Sure, there have been great times such as when I watched gambling machines dropping from a helicopter to a certain death in a rubbish pit. There have also been…
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Reaching out

Even though my team and I are in contact with several potential clients for world record attempt events, more such contact is always appreciated. As with most businesses, the percentage of interested parties which convert into confirmed clients with…
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