Chasing my desires

World record breakers – like anyone else – need to try really hard to attain the success they dream of. Here, I write of my own struggles and desires in this regard.

Foundations for a 100th world record attempt

You know, I spent between 4 and 6 weeks planning this world record attempt. It wasn’t easy. As happens with project management, no matter what I tried to arrange, challenges popped up. Most of the project foundations I had to…
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Modern Malaysia

Crossing into Malaysia was like hopping from Zambia to Sweden – the difference in development was striking and immediately obvious. From a hitchhiker’s point of view, that’s bad news. It’s really bad news. In my 24 years of hitchhiking, I’ve…
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How I love the police

OK so I love the band the Police, but this was going to be yet another test of my nerves on this 100th world record attempt, meeting the Indonesian police force – with all the rumours around brutality and bad…
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100th world record attempt – Overtiredness

The next leg of my 100th world record attempt as I journey around Borneo whilst remaining virtuous and chaste is certainly taking its toll on my body. I am now suffering with several tiredness and fatigue symptoms, as I struggle…
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Oil palms and money

The well-spoken man, Rohidan, walked toward me, where he could see my hitchhiking sign reading “Pontiankak” and told me, in perfect English, to get into his car. Feeling comfortable with him, I did. Someone had tipped him of that a…
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