Chasing my desires

World record breakers – like anyone else – need to try really hard to attain the success they dream of. Here, I write of my own struggles and desires in this regard.

Paradise speed cruise

Clutching my next speedboat ticket, I descended the concrete steps to the vessel undulating gently against the pier in the wake of small craft dashing around nearby. Seating space was limited and the boat was crammed. I forced my knees…
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Nowhere but this way and that

Pace after pace, I strode down the main road of Tarakan city in the pre-traffic hour rush, with the device bobbing in my pants like a well-behaved pendulum. All premises were closed. Soft sunlight was just beginning to break the…
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The best lift of my journey so far – part 2

Behind Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah, Malaysia, I wandered down to the last river crossing we’d made before the software engineers had got to work on a cellphone tower. A flash flood of 75-odd cm was in full force, carrying tree…
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Then the she-man arrived

At JS Resort, Sandakan, north of Tawau, I was offered “extra services”, all of which came at rather high prices – and as the loud music over the dividing wall started, I realized what place I’d checked into. A notice…
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Days of miles and miles for days

I left Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, on 22 November. Back then – which feels like a very long time ago, my CB-3000 was something new, something of a novelty, something I’d need to get used to. It’s now 9 December and…
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A beautiful mosque, a dead dog and a lump in my pants

Before I leave Bandar Seri Begawan, I wanted to see the sights. So sight-seeing I went. In the city centre I was allowed a few steps inside the old mosque, said to be one of the most exquisite in this…
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