Becoming noticed: be a non-conformist

Those with online businesses want to be noticed. Thinking about it is the easy part. What’s far more difficult is getting it done. But where do you start?

Some options cost a lot, some take much time, and yet others require you to master a complex new online skill which you may not be interested in learning. But you’re eager to increase your online presence. So which do you choose?

Stop. Conformists may think it’s necessary to choose from a solution involving one of the 3 categories above. Step aside and ask “Apart from these 3 types of approaches, what else is there?”

Good thought – because there are other avenues. One such method has been successfully used on my website. To get it up and running for the clients took 20 minutes.

By browsing through the content on this homepage, you’ll no doubt come across 2 text links. These are a great give-away for a tactic others use to spread their online presence, and get it done without having to endure any of the 3 off-putting themes I mention above.
My team and I were approached, there was a brief email exchange, code was added, and the results now speak for themselves. These advertisers are running multi-year adverts on the same webpage under a business agreement.

This speaks volumes. It was easy for me, my colleagues and the advertisers to set up. We relied on our existing knowledge of software, suggestions from the clients, and simplicity to get the tasks done efficiently. And they generate income for all parties concerned.

I encourage you to be non-conformist when seeking your next opportunity to become noticed online. You needn’t spend a lot of money, time, or effort in learning new software applications. Find a website such as mine, and go!

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