Along the way

As you can imagine, rain here is torrential. It reminds me of famous monsoons. I’ve been searching for waterproof cases in which to store the educational items I’ve spent the past few years making. Sadly though, I can’t find any. I’m in a community comprised largely of very poor locals, so I understand why expensive durable and weather-proof cases cannot be bought here. The best I’ve been able to do is salvage huge plastic bags from electronics shops – the kind used to wrap fridges and washing machines before they are boxed. Now I’ve got piles of finished items inside these bags which I hope will keep them safe from rain. I’m worried about this mainly because I can see a steadily darkening patch on the ceiling. It seems rainwater is dripping onto it, and at some point the water might break right through.

And now I have fish moths – otherwise known as silverfish – descending on my work in increasing numbers. They slowly eat holes in paper. Thank goodness I’ve learned that borax kills them; apparently the tiny crystals cut insects’ exoskeletons and lacerate their innards. I’ve been sprinkling it sparingly around the dark parts of the storage room.

These and many more are among the challenges I face. But still, I love working on my world record attempt here!

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