Advertisers: good or bad?

I suppose the answer to that depends on which side of the fence you’re sitting on. I, for instance, don’t particularly enjoy endless emails landing in my inbox, advertising screeds of things I’ve never even dreamed of, let alone have a need to acquire. But if I’m advertising to others, it can be good going.


However, when it comes to this website, the term ‘advertiser’ takes on a whole new meaning. The site provides a platform for both the advertiser (a business) and the host (me) to engage in a mutually beneficial interaction. They don’t irritate me and I don’t pester others. It works.


This is the beauty of internet-based advertising campaigns: one can allocate a budget and some text to a website and let it – the website and its administrators – do the leg work for you. That’s just what happens at I’m not hounded by purveyors of unwanted goods, and the only people who interact with the published adverts are those who click them. This way, nobody’s getting annoyed and the adverts are constantly out on show.


Doesn’t that sound like a winning formula to you? It does to me, which is precisely why the system functions sufficiently on this website.


Are you after a host to sport your own advertising? Please make contact to see what can be done on today.

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