96FM got it good

96FM got it good


Australia’s city of Perth is treated to 96FM radio daily. And today I had been invited to appear in the studio. Of course I’ve done this many times before, although it’s still a fantastic feeling to know one’s on air – live.


In I walked, a packet of rubber gloves in hand. The 3 DJs indicated a greeting to me as I was directed to my seat alongside the day’s guest audience. I unpacked the gloves and sprinkled them in talcum powder. Soon, a microphone was brought up to my face and I was on the airwaves. It was the usual.


“How did you begin your world record-breaking?” and “What’s your strangest world record?” were questions I’d answered dozens of times for media staff. So I provided my usual replies over the airwaves to tens of thousands of 96FM listeners at peak hour.


I set into action, putting on glove after glove. Being the current world record holder, I knew what to expect, and that’s precisely what I got: a very, very sore hand, with almost all the blood drained out of it, throbbing heavily. By the time I had 50 of the latex items on my left hand, I was pretty convinced I was near to passing out from the pain.


And it was precisely then that the DJ closest to me announced an end to my world record attempt, seeing that I was in agony and trying not to show it. The room cheered, I arched over in shots of arm pain, and the radio announcers said what I would have if I could have – wearing 50 gloves on one hand at once is a deeply hurtful experience. Granted, it is!


Mustering the energy to do so, I grabbed layer after layer of gloves, ripping them off with no care at all. Talcum powder puffed into the air around the microphone, I heard myself barking in pain, and piles of coloured gloves flopped onto the studio floor. I threw myself back into the chair and just sat there for a few moments. I was tired. My hand was pulsing and felt hot to the touch. It was terrifically sensitive.

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