100th world record – stand by, planet earth!

It’s been a long and tedious ten-year journey, this world record-breaking. Sure, there have been great times such as when I watched gambling machines dropping from a helicopter to a certain death in a rubbish pit. There have also been sad times I remember, such as for all these world records I’ve failed. Overall, though, I’m satisfied with what I’ve achieved.

This week, I’ll be departing on a very special journey. It’s my 100th world record attempt and it’s nothing most people would expect. I’ll have a lock on my body, in the equatorial jungle, for weeks. Hop over to this page to see what exactly I’m about to take on next.

And please: wish me luck. I’m going to need it – Borneo can be a tough place, especially for a crazy adult male, chaste, and whose activities are of interest to international media.

All the best to all of you, and all the best to me!

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