Under 100 hours

That’s right: I’ve got fewer than 100 hours before this world record attempt terminates. Now that I’m approaching the end of my huge Borneo hitchhike, I guess it’s time for a recap. I’ll write more, but for now, I just want to share a few thoughts with you.

Concepts and opinions are usually relative. So my own impressions of things I’ve seen may or may not be correct… or I could have confused ideas. But in general, I think I’m on track with the opinions I’ve developed during the past 5 weeks I’ve tripped around Borneo and the surrounding areas.

My overarching thoughts, in summary at this stage, are:

1/ This region is fast collapsing as far as the integrity of its ecosystems go. The atmosphere here seems to be one of “make as much money as we can before it all breaks down”. And thus, the very unwanted collapse is being brought nearer, faster.
2/ The generosity and welcome of the people here towards foreigners is admirable. I noticed it immediately I set foot on the island of Borneo and I’m astonished by the hospitality two, three, four or more times every day. “Welcome” seems to be a theme of those who live here.
3/ My world record attempt activity has found much favour here. Communities throughout Borneo, I’ve found, are interested and engaged by what I’m up to. It shows me that on this island, team spirit should be relatively easy to generate, and that means I’ve now got options. These I will angle towards environmentally-oriented projects as and when I can.

Oh, and for those of you who’re wondering, yes, I stink like a moist carcass decomposing somewhere in the tropical heat. I really smell bad. It’s my clothes, which get soaked in sweat daily and left to dry as is on my body. I’ve been too busy to wash clothes every night, although I’ve half-heartedly washed them now and again by hand. But an even worse stench is drifting off my pelvis. I wouldn’t know how to describe it, save to say no person would want this up their nostrils. And yes, that includes me. I’m trying to twist my head sideways to breathe since looking down and inhaling fills my lungs with a putrid mix of acidic smells. It’s disgusting.

But in under 100 hours, I’ll be clean. I’ll have washed thoroughly and the device will be off. I’ll have completed the video and photographic evidence processes, and – I hope – I’ll be feeling as fresh as a desert rose just watered. The countdown is driving me to frustration… every hour that passes is one I strike off the tally with glee. Come, hour zero, oh come to me!

I’ve got less than 100 hours to go, under 100 hours, fewer than 100 hours…

So if you fancy emulating or even trying to beat this experience, you can start by getting your own CB-X Male Chastity device.

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