Thinking a lot

Attempting world records often takes a lot of thought. I know; I spend long periods just pondering my next move sometimes. Those around me, I’m sure, think I have nothing better to do at those times. In fact, such “downtime” is necessary. Here’s why.

We know that rushing into new ventures increases the risk of failure, or at least problems along the way. Of course some swoop onto novel projects with glee and succeed first time around, but that’s statistically a rarity. And I don’t fancy ending up as just another number on the “Failed” list. Well, what’s the cost to me of not dashing forward right now?

I’ve collected several cubic metres of used paper out of which to construct a massive solid structure. It sounds fun and easy, which is why I loved the idea from minute one. But I didn’t count on constant ninety-something percent humidity causing me hassles every time I work on the world record attempt. So I’ve got stuck.

Each time I build a little with the paper, it gradually begins to rot. It stinks. I’ve tried different recipes over the past half-year. Now I’m watching the rain cycles to see if some months are better than others for my purposes. It seems slow, but it’s better I proceed with caution in the correct direction rather than bulldoze ahead. If I did, I might end up with hundreds of kilograms of rotting wet paper I’ll be responsible for handling. I see no option but to keep trying, observing, and pondering as I go. If success is my ultimate goal – which it is, treading gingerly will be well worth it.

I bet it’s not always obvious to you that those managing large world record projects have to contend with the likes of the above. They frequently do. So next time you come across a world record breaker supposedly staring idly into space, it may be the prelude of something big to come!

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