The rhinoceros: be happy

There are now so few rhinoceros in the wild, people can count their individual slaughter almost to the number. Have you seen recent reports giving the tally of rhino killed per month, per quarter, per day?


The fewer rhinos there are, the more money their body parts are worth. Then, as the species become extinct, their products soar in value, and then crash to insignificant values once the market turns its attention to a replacement species they’ll drive into the same position.


You will see the countdown to rhinoceros extinction in the wild accelerate, while research bodies try to protect their DNA in the hope of reintroducing these magnificent “pig-like cows” into the wild. A wise move, but that won’t work because by the time the captive specimens can be used for reintroduction, our consumptive lifestyles will have demanded ever-more resources, encouraging companies to exploit the last remaining wilderness for fuels, minerals and biological raw materials.


It’s great news if you want your next burger or another toy – that’s where it may have to come from. The only negative thing is that every last rhinoceros living in the wild had to die for your greed and desire. Make you feel good?


Ok, by now you know that small awareness campaigns are futile since the ecological decay is almost complete. However, any conservation groups wanting to run a world record campaign to drive some awareness are welcome. No, I’m not a negative guy. It just seems that way because I’m addressing things most people say respond to by saying “That’s not my problem” or “I’m in a hurry”.


Not me! I’ll talk because I’m wise enough to know the power systems in force right now are steering things into what science has confirmed is the end for us. Be happy.

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