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Of course there are many who think world record breakers are insane and not worth a dime. Perhaps, depending on your worldview, that may be true. But I would like to contest that!

As a world record breaker, I thoroughly enjoy participating in a range of activities. If you’re into this stuff, or if you have young ones who are, remember what they can find at

Public speaking is a gift indeed. In fact, it’s more than that; it can bring one rewards in life, including financial ones when used to a person’s advantage. I’ve applied my love of public speaking to motivational storytelling, as you’ll see here.

For those who wonder what goes on at world record attempts, some of mine have been photographed and those ‘visual stories’ can be seen here.

Among the other social media I’m listed on, there’s my Facebook page which shows my blog posts. And my YouTube channel contains dozens of videos of the things I get up to.

The story of my first ever event management effort is here, which make an amusing piece to listen to if you’re into hearing about other peoples’ flops!

For those people who’re wondering, “just how do folks like this actually get on with it?” there’s a chance for you to learn how by booking a chat with me here.

By scouting around, you’ll encounter much more, including encouragement for school projects, details about things a world record breaker dreams of, and even my failures over the years.

And after perusing all this, if you wish to contact me, you can do that here.

Enjoy folks, and don’t forget to show others you know who love world records.

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