The crack and the move!

The crack in my tiny rental I blogged about recently is indeed getting longer. Not by much – but wouldn’t you be concerned if such a wall crack extended by 3 centimetres in your home? Of course. It amuses me; I keep a watch of the crack but I repeatedly remind myself that seeing it get larger may not be a source of interest to me for long. But until there’s a need for me to spring into action, I’ll keep looking each time I go into the bathroom. It beats having nothing to stare at in there…


In the meantime, I’ve been having fun and games with my growing pile of environmental education items. For the seventh time, I have had to move it all, this time into a small room in a tall inner city building. Shifting many kilograms of paper, metal, glass, wood and plastic in the designs I’ve carefully made left me tired just as it did the previous six times.


I know why this repeated need to relocate is happening: the environmental education project does not yet have a stable physical base. As such, storing items as I make them is a risk – I never know when a landowner is going to inform me of their new plans to use the room occupied by my things. That’s precisely what happened last month. The premises owner decided to rent my rented room out by the night to working ladies and their temporary partners in need of instant gratification.


Well, nobody told me producing all this environmental education material would be easy. Perhaps I’m living the reality now. Even so, I will forge ahead since I’m focused on the long-term: Indonesia’s youth need to be told about nature.

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