When the spam keeps arriving

Most people know spam – the infamous seemingly endless stream of emails that the email account owner isn’t interested in getting. If you receive one or two, you’d be mean to complain. But receive 10 or 20 and I don’t know any person who’d not moan loudly.

Sure, we’re all busy. As for me, I’ve got 7 world record-related projects on the go at the moment. So when I ask a company to stop sending me unsolicited emails about products I do not want, I mean every word: stop it. Most obey, which is great. It shows consideration and willingness to compromise in the interests of keeping the relationship on a positive note. But there are still businesses which refuse to refrain from sending unwanted emails, even when asked to stop several times.

Firmoo is a perfect example. As I plan my world record activity for this year, I access my email constantly. Again and again, there’s email from Firmoo; email I asked not to receive three times, and email which keeps arriving nonetheless.

Because Firmoo keeps sending emails that they’ve been asked not to, I can’t help but think of Firmoo when I receive all sorts of spam – from paper manufacturers, adult toy peddlers, iron ore smelters and supposed stock market gurus offering me briefcases of cash direct from Nigeria.

Sad indeed. It’s sad that Firmoo went from being in my good books to being listed as a source of spam because they didn’t take my instruction seriously. Well, I expect that as I continue planning for my 2015 suit of world record activity, I’ll have Firmoo emails popping up on my screen constantly, annoying me constantly, and making sure I am reminded that I never want to do business with Firmoo ever.

On the flipside though, checking my emails does normally include many positive and welcome messages that bring me closer to my world record ambitions, month by month.

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