So what’s the rationale?

What is it that keeps driving me to attempt world records, such as the 2 latest I’ve broken? Here’s the answer which – to me – makes utter sense.

When one breaks a world record for balancing CDs on their finger, not much in the world changes as a result. Neither does cutting matches with an axe at top speed have much influence over life on earth. Granted. But both these activities and many more like them generate something else; something much more powerful for me and something I desire deeply: media.

Funnily enough, it’s the smaller (what you might call the “stupid”) world records which tend to attract TV show producers into my life. Hence the logic is that as I break more and more of these basic world records, I’m putting myself in the sights of TV talent scouts. Every so often they contact me and negotiations begin.

If the discussions lead to things going all the way, I end up on shows and live interviews amongst other exciting things. This is what I live for. So naturally, I will continue attempting and breaking small, simple world record titles. If this is what will bring me the media I crave, why would I consider stopping?

And that’s one more peep into the life of a devoted world record breaker…

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