Same topic – new angle

Yes, I’ve got a thing in my head about getting my message out there. In many respects, it is the same message as that the week before last: about Staydu. You see, without it having been planned, I ended up promoting them to some extent, and they’re helping me get ahead with my world record-breaking.

And the best news of all? This was easy to arrange, using Staydu’s online presence, and my own. I wanted to join the help-for-accommodation network, and had some questions for the administrators. I loved it when the responses I got were all centred on exchanging services of mutual value. Hence, here I am, blogging about what I believe to be true regarding Staydu.

And in return, that website hopes to gain leverage off my willingness to speak good things on their behalf. If one strips away the superficial layers of how internet advertising works, the benefits to me and those to Staydu are essentially the same, created using much the same channels available to us both. Let me explain.

I used internet search results to find Staydu – this relied on Staydu having put substantial effort into promoting themselves online. Getting my ‘hit’ was a type of pay-back. Staydu staff immediately recognised a chance to make use of my ability to write and/or speak. I accepted the proposition; that’s why I’m typing right now. No matter which way you view this bi-directional exchange, one theme stands out. It’s that a presence on the internet can – and almost certainly will – benefit both parties under the right circumstances of engagement.


Let’s look into that for a moment. In this scenario, I’m having my blog read. Staydu is becoming known to people. I may get website hits; so may Staydu. I’ll be completing a profile there soon too, which is likely to mean on-going activity for me on their website. The more active I become on Staydu, the more people I have the ability to attract to it, and to my own website, by engaging with an ever-increasing network of individuals who seem to appear from nowhere.

Well, not quite… they’re coming into my life – and Staydu’s life – by the power of visuals on the internet. Those working in marketing and advertising love this sort of thing; they play with this basic formula – introduce, network, recommend, engage – until they’ve tweaked it perfectly as a source of (they hope) endless revenue generation. Think about it. This stuff works.

That’s why, generally speaking, no matter what the context may be, get yourself into a position where you are seen very clearly across the internet. It’s so important for your online survival.

For example, on my homepage, there are text-based adverts. Why do you think they’re there? Why not on other types of websites? Because the demographic that visits my own website will never be the exact same one visiting other websites. It then makes sense to plant “beacons” (adverts) as widely, albeit also appropriately, as possible online. See my homepage for a taste of how businesses in the global north have hooked onto me. They know the psychological power of attraction over the internet. Do you?


Irrespective of whether you’re seeking to place text-based ads or join a social website, consider the formula for success: hop and skip your way to a larger audience by advertising. My website is only one potential place of many to investigate. Get your search lights on and dive into the world of online exposure.


And hey – if you’re lost for ideas, start by checking what we did here.

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