Routine is never the same

Sure, I am stuck in a routine these days. It centres around a CB-3000. No matter how far I have to hitchhike, how sunburned I get, how hungry or thirsty I am, how many sleazy robbers loiter around me, how much people stare at me or how much discomfort I’m in, I still care for my chastity device with loving care.

Never before, I admit, have I been so loving and tender toward a piece of plastic! I still find the alcohol-based hand sanitizer extremely useful, even if it stings so much when I drain it into the device from both ends (and through the ventilation holes) that I feel as though my body’s levitating. CB-X Male Chastity device - what I am wearing on my tripIt’s stinging because my skin has been rubbed raw, especially along the lower rim of the large ring. Perhaps if I’d not been pulling on the flesh to readjust it I’d not have chafed so much, but remember I’ve never worn a CB-3000 before and I’m finding my way as I go.

The cotton buds too are still very useful. But there’s a problem: as I walk, the combined weight of the lock, epoxy and device are drawing it all to one side, meaning my inner left leg is getting rubbed a lot. To alleviate the pain, I keep flicking my left knee out far to the left as I take steps, but this only prevents a single scratch during that step. So my leg’s still getting slightly hurt whenever I walk.

Hitchhiking has its own risks but you still need to take care of businessI’m being rather brazen in public and I know it. But I’m one for taking chances and I will continue to do so until I’m stopped. If the device hurts, if the fishing line pinches me or if I get annoyed for no specific reason, I just pull, twist or smack the device no matter what. I am beyond caring what the public thinks.

So, typically many times a day / night, I adjust things at my leisure. Yes I get strange looks but nobody has confronted me – yet. If you saw me, you’d no doubt think I’m a freak out of my asylum cell for a walk. I scratch and bang my crotch, crab-walk, wince and double over frequently in some sort of crazed routine of insanity that fills my days and nights. But I refuse to surrender to the pains or inconveniences of this challenge. So anyone who doesn’t like me should get out of my way.

Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure CollectionDo I want to take this thing off? You bet I do! But will I? No, not until I have completed my plan, unless I get so mad with this unnatural appendage that I can’t stand it a minute longer. I realize chastity is popular in some circles, and I like it to some extent… but not for this long. Would even Christian Grey endure it for this long?

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