Ready for records and research

From time to time, I get stuck into what I’d call a “nice” world record project. I’m enjoying one now – developing educational items for school children in remote regions of jungle. Mind you, anyone’s welcome to learn from them. And this is interesting for me too.

To make my educational efforts easier for the kids to understand, I need photos – lots of specific photos, plus video and more. Buying or licensing online is prohibitively expensive when you’re talking upwards of 2,500 images and clips. In addition, the conditions content owners usually put forward are strangulating, and that’s not fitting for a meaningful project that’s being managed (so far) by voluntary self-funded and proactive efforts. We are confident, though, that a pillar of financial support will materialise at some stage, since education is of such importance to the future of global society.

The solution, given a multitude of conditions and restraints, is for me to venture out into places where I can take my own project photos and video footage. First up is the region between western Indonesia and central Vietnam, which I will cross low-key and by living “hard”. By crossing the land surface area here, I’ll gather educational resources from a wide range of biomes to boost the attention-grabbing level of the educational items we’re producing. That’s the very objective: to make elementary learning much more fun for youngsters, some of whom think the world ends somewhere in the jungle. When I return to my ad hoc base, I’ll incorporate my findings into the rapidly expanding educational collection being made, while eyeing out another part of the earth to venture into for the same reason. Besides the obvious challenges and rewards associated with this project, one aspect to it stands above all others: there simply cannot be a sustainable future for people everywhere if children are unaware of how the world around them works or of the all-important changes occurring on very large scales.

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