Our ecological footprint

Many of my world record attempts utilise second-hand or donated items. I do this on purpose so that I am not wilfully contributing to the massive waste problem the earth suffers from.


I could achieve more if I bought items wastefully and discarded things. But I do care about the planet’s health, so I’m prepared to forego some opportunities to prevent my being excessively wasteful. It does get taxing to make career sacrifices when I see others around me wasting as if there’s no tomorrow.


I’ll continue to do my part in reducing my ecological footprint, which is for everyone’s benefit. And you could have guessed it: it is upsetting to see people basically undoing the good I can do by trying.


For instance, my local supermarket check-out girls keep putting my purchases into plastic bags as if they’re automated machines, even though I’ve been asking them not to for years. I have to unpack all my groceries every time and move them into my own reusable carry bag as the astonished check-out girl watches. They stare at me as if I’m mad. Then when I get angry, they get upset.


But hang on! I’ve asked the same staff hundreds of times not to waste plastic bags by dumping all my groceries into them on every occasion I enter their shop. But these humans can’t see any other way.


Considering this attitude toward change, how far does society need to shift if we are to clean up this planet? Very far, I’d say, if some people need to be told several hundred times not to do something before they’ll do it.


As for me, I’ll keep sourcing second-hand and faulty items for my world record attempts, because I’m determined not adding to the problems I see in the world.

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