Just be sure the guarantee doesn’t come from China

Ok, call me a nasty man. But folks, we’ve simply got to face reality. Cheap mass-produced goods made in China break. In fact, they seem to carry that as a guarantee. My latest comb lasted 9 hours before snapping. My drill bit set is in the trash because they’re all in half. And my cheap sandals have been stitched 8 times.

Now is that the quality you will trust with your life? I don’t think so!

What I mean is if you’re thinking of gadgets to protect you and your family from medically threatening surprises. Are there spiders, snakes, scorpions, biting ants or jellyfish in your neighbourhood? Then I think you would be wise to think of trying to reverse the effects of a bite or sting.

Here’s what I chose to use: a lightweight venom-extracting syringe called an Aspivenin from FlairPath. I’d describe it as saying it literally sucks poison out of a wound, and I’m confident that I can administer this treatment myself, no matter where I am.

So from now on, as I go about planning world record activities in nations where snakes share the land with people, I‘ll be sure to carry my Aspivenin from FlairPath. Of course that’s my choice, and one I feel comfortable with.

And the best news of all? It’s made from start to finish in France, by the French, according to French quality standards. And that, friends, means I believe I can trust this gadget when every minute counts. There’s no ‘guaranteed to break’ aspect to this beauty.

Now… time for me to get back to world record-breaking. See you around folks.

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